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Introducing Leeds Film Night!

Bridging the gap between indie films and their reflected audiences. 


Leeds Film Night is set to make its grand debut at Hyde Park Picture House on Thursday June 20th 2024!


We’re partnering with filmmakers and community-minded businesses whose stories reflect and resonate with the essence of diverse communities in the Leeds City Region each with their own varied interests and unique backgrounds. 

Leeds Film Night offers filmmakers the chance to showcase their work to a live audience and network with local businesses, cultural organisations, and potential sponsors, expanding their impact amid arts funding cuts.

Film and media are integral parts of our daily lives, shaping our perceptions and consumption habits. Like any other industry, the film sector relies on strategic partnerships to thrive.


If you're a business, collaborating with filmmakers offers an opportunity to broaden your reach and elevate your brand's presence on the silver screen. This direct connection with an audience, which includes your customers, enhances visibility and fosters engagement.

Join us for a night of dynamic independent film screenings and networking where audiences and filmmakers converge to enjoy stories on the big screen, fostering reflection and community connection!

This Event Is Supported By Hyde Park Picture House



Filmmakers Submit Your Films


Businesses, donors, & all film enthusiasts: Sign up for involvement details.

Thank you! Your submission has been received. We'll contact you within approximately 5 working days.

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