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Who Are You When No One Is Looking? 


In this Podcast using comedy and reality we extend the definition of who you are and re-imagine the concept of identity. When we stripping away titles and labels that box us, we can elevate our sense of self to a higher level of consciousness. Not only will this intrinsically motivate personal growth but significantly improve your self-esteem and mental health.

Did you know that your identity is not your idea but a conditioning to conform to a certain way to fit in. Answering who are you with your name, job title, place of residence may be a norm, but these titles and labels don't define you because, what happens if you’re no longer called Mr John Smith, get married, decide to change careers and move to a different town? 

The unusual questions we ask ourselves and our special guests in the podcast have led us to new insights and thought provoking discussions around self-awareness in an unprecedented time where people are increasingly pressured to know who they are, and what they should be doing with their life.

Co-hosting the show with me is my Angel... Angela and Dave... my  Devil. They will help us identify the dark and good sides of humanity and our individual identity but with a sense of humour. We’re talking subconscious mind, self-awareness, human psychology, emotional intelligence, unaddressed traumas, astrology, and everything in between which influences our sense of self.

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