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Who are you when no one is looking?

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I’ve developed a number of projects revolving around the concept of identity but I feel there’s still so much work to be done! Currently, there is not a single podcast focusing primarily on the subject of an identity crisis, one of the greatest threats to one’s mental health and personal development.


'Who are you when no one is looking' explores the concept of identity beneath the surface level. In this podcast, we're asking you the following question Who are you when no one is looking? We want you to release the labels, that society expects you to wear and go on a journey of self-discovery to realise that there is so much more to you than you might think.

Co-hosting the show with me is my Angel... Angela and Dave... my  Devil. They will help us identify the dark and good sides of humanity and our individual identity but with a sense of humour. We’re talking subconscious mind, self-awareness, human psychology, emotional intelligence, unaddressed traumas, astrology, and everything in between which influences our sense of self.

Suman Hanif


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